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Welcome to Slough 11+ Tutors

Berks based Slough 11 plus Tutors Limited is a young vibrant successful organisation offering small group 11 plus tutoring in verbal, non-verbal reasoning as well as mathematics.

We are a specialist 11 plus tuition company that utilises a range of 11 plus resources and teaching techniques in order to ensure that your child has a thorough grasp of core concepts whilst developing the necessary speed and accuracy.

We prepare children in the 11 plus methods and techniques of all the different types of exam questions set in verbal, non-verbal reasoning and mathematics.

Our preparation is ideally suited to those preparing for the 11 plus exams in Berks, Bucks, Bexley, Kent and London.

We provide 11plus courses, intensive holiday courses and mock exam practice as part of our service.

Homework is an integral part of the 11 plus course which serves to reinforce and consolidate the work completed in class. We also ensure that previously learned skills and concepts are regularly revisited so that speed and accuracy is maintained.

We offer a range of 11 Plus Courses,  Intensive Courses and Mock exams.

  • Specialist NVR teaching using a range of practical resources.
  • Clear precise explanations.
  • We provide specialist courses to fully prepare children for the 11+ exam.
  • We provide a database of online exercises and tests.
  • Our mock exams will give you an analysis of strengths are areas that need more attention.
  • Our objective is to provide a personal and individual approach for both parents and children.
  • We take pride in encouraging our children to develop a proactive approach to learning so that they thrive beyond the 11+ experience.
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