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About Slough 11+ Tutors

Our 11 Plus Tutors Philosophy

Slough 11Plus Tutors offer a personal and professional service committed to working with your child to achieve their potential and peak at the right time. This is important as the 11 plus exam cannot be repeated and each child will only get one attempt to shine. We carefully monitor the progress of every child to ensure that no child is left behind and that they are happy. Any misconceptions are quickly identified and addressed.

All our tutors have enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) clearance.

Our 11 Plus Parent Support

The 11 plus exams can be quite traumatising for parents, especially for those with children sitting the exams for the first time. We appreciate the importance of the 11 plus exams for all our parents and we offer advice and support to make the experience positive and stress free.

Parents should keep us informed of the schools that they are selecting for their child so that we can tailor their preparation accordingly.

Our 11 Plus Exams Approach

Our approach to the exams is to embed the necessary methods and techniques prevalent in each 11 plus discipline (verbal reasoning, mathematics, English and non-verbal reasoning) and then provide a thorough bank of proprietary questions (paper based and online) unique to our centre to enhance speed and accuracy.

Central to the whole 11 plus process is the foundation of a strong vocabulary base and excellent mental arithmetic skills. We therefore monitor both from the outset.

Finally we also cover exam techniques to ensure the best possible chance of success.

Our 11 Plus Exams Toolkit

We aim to make the 11 plus courses as stimulating as possible and achieve this through a broad set of tools which include –

  • Classroom teaching
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • In-house worksheets
  • Spot Tests
  • Practice papers
  • Online Tests
  • Intensive Holiday Course
  • Mock Exams

Our typical 11 plus classes

The maximum number of children in a class is 15 students.

In a typical class we will cover up between two and three techniques across the subjects and during class worksheets will be used to ensure that the children have grasped the subject-matter. Homework will then be set, which will be both paper based and online. For the latter parents will need to ensure that their child will have internet access to the Slough 11+ Tutors platform.

Spot tests in mental arithmetic and vocabulary/spelling will take place every week.

Practice papers are introduced in the final few months of the exam preparation.

We may on occasion ask your child to arrive early before a class if they have concerns with any of the homework or contents of the previous week’s class.

Our 11 Plus Intensive Course

The intensive courses are an efficient way for late joiners to get up to speed very quickly and also for home study students to utilise before they embark on the 11 plus or as a recap before the actual exams. Concessions will be applied to any existing student wishing to join the intensive courses for the purposes of revision.

The mock exams, separate from in-class practice papers (under timed conditions), form an integral part of the actual preparation and all parents are actively encouraged to attend these, where we open our doors to external candidates. It is useful form of benchmarking your child’s relative progress and performance.

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